Good Friday: more precious than diamonds

My wife recently hinted at wanting some new earrings as a gift. Knowing her simple taste, I thought some understated diamond studs would make a nice gift. While at the jewelry store, the salesperson asked if I wanted real diamonds, or “CZ’s”. 

“CZ’s?” I asked, “what are you talking about?”  With a roll of her eyes, she explained that CZ was short for cubic zirconia, a replacement for diamonds. I asked to see the two side by side, and sure enough I could not tell the difference. The difference I could see was the price. Identical studs, but exponentially different prices. I was floored at how much the diamonds cost. 

In that moment I had a choice to make: I could buy the real thing and know that had spared no expense to give my wife the best, or I could spend the equivalent of a night out at Applebee’s and accomplish the same look. “She’d never know” I thought.   Ultimately I chose the cheaper version and came clean the instant she opened them, swearing I would exchange them for the real thing if she wanted, but sighed a big sigh of relief when she let me off the hook. 

It occurs to me, that Jesus did the exact opposite of this. God could have chosen a less precious way to redeem humanity. In fact, he could have chosen to give up on us altogether. Instead, he chose the most expensive price possible to reconcile us to him. God himself became a man in the form of his son, then, though blameless, became sin and sacrificed his own life.   No expense was spared, and we can never fully comprehend the cost. 

We can only be thankful for the complete redemptive act of Jesus. If you ever question your worth, remember that the maker of heaven and earth spent more than was needed to cover more than you could ever pay. A totally free gift that is worth much more than diamonds. 


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